Post Holi Skin Care

Although Holi is a fun filled festival, but its after effects often turn out to be troublesome. It not only ends up leaving unsightly stubborn stains on the skin, but can also trigger rashes, allergies, breakouts or infections. Here’s what you must do post holi in order to get your original glowing skin back.

Doing a normal facial may apparently give you glowing skin, but the glow just lasts for a few hours. Medi Glow Skin treatment on the other hand gives you results that last longer. Even those who have sensitive or damaged skin can get the Medi glow facial done without worrying about the side effects. Apart from that, the discoloration due to the Holi colors can be removed by lactic acid peels, enzyme peels and microdermabrasion in no time.

People who get rashes and persistent itching because of the allergies caused by the holi colors are recommended anti-allergic treatment which is really soothing and effective in getting rid of the allergic reactions. The tan caused because of prolonged exposure to the sun can be gotten rid of by either brightening mesotherapy treatments or by laser toning.

Breakouts and infections are also seen in a few people, and it can be really distressing if not treated on time. You must book an appointment with L A Skin as soon as you see anything unusual on your skin to avoid the condition from worsening.

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