Skin Care

Monsoon related skin and hair problems

It’s the monsoon season and your heart may seem up and about to enjoy the joyful showers but your skin and hair may be disagreeing with you. This is that time of the year for your skin when it may become more prone to infections. There are 20% more chances of you getting skin-related problems 

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Laser hair removal

Why to opt for laser hair removal?

Who doesn’t love to flaunt flawless, hairless body and skin? But in order to get that, one needs to make a stop at a salon every other week. This can be very time consuming; and these conventional methods are painful and tedious as well. Waxing, shaving or epilating can give you the desired result but 

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All you should know about Rosacea

Rosacea is a skin disorder that leads to redness and pimple like eruptions on the forehead, chin and cheekbones. It can also appear on the neck, scalp, ears and chest. The early signs of rosacea include flushing or blushing easily, which is embarrassingand uncomfortable for the patient.  It usually affects people in between the age 

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Know your Birthmarks!

What are Birthmarks? A congenital, coloured spot on the skin is a birthmark. It is  either usually present at birth or appears shortly there-after. The cause of most birthmarks is unknown and there are no preventive measures to avoid them. Birthmarks are discoloured spots which are completely harmless and, most of the time,are not of 

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