Advanced Skin Treatments

Fight Summer, with Advanced Skin Treatments

Summer has come, and so has the time when you might face multiple skin issues because of heat, dry air, dust and harmful sun rays. Some common problems include suntan, sunburn, dull skin, pigmentation, acne, excessive sweating etc. Here are a few treatments that you can get done in summers in order to get your clear, glowing skin back.

Skin Brightening Treatment

Sun Tan is a common problem in summers. It takes away not only your fair skin tone but also makes it look dull and patchy. To get rid of it completely, you can get the skin brightening treatment done with chemical peels, enzyme peels or microdermabrasion which will give you back your original skin tone in no time.

Revitalizing Mesotherapy

Summers also give a dull tired look to your skin, which no home remedy or cream can get rid of. You can get the Revitalizing Mesotherapy done for a fresh and rejuvenated skin, and walk around as if you haven’t been affected by sun at all.

Acne Treatment

Summer dust and heat often leads to deposits in the skin pores, which leads to acne. A proper healthy skin care regimen, along with regular exercise and a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains and protein will ensure your pores stay clean. For troublesome acne and blemishes, targeted acne skin treatments will ensure you get rid of them effectively.

Skin Peels

Skin pigmentation is another very common problem seen in summers. The sun rays usually lead to discoloration and dark colored patches on some parts of the skin, giving an unsightly appearance. Skin Peel treatment can help you get rid of the skin pigmentation and give you back your even clear skin.

Excessive Sweating

Summers bring with them the nuisance of excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis, which can be highly embarrassing and uncomfortable. Help is at hand with highly effective laser treatments and Botox therapy to make you sweat free and let you enjoy whatever you want to do without any worries.

At L A Skin, we first examine your skin, and then suggest you the best possible treatment to help you get rid of your skin problems.

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