Types of Tattoos you should NEVER get

Are you planning to get a Tattoo? You think your Bae’s (as you call it these days) name in a fancy font or some word in a foreign language (which even you don’t understand) is going to be really ‘cool’? Think again, Please. Tattoo is one thing which will stay forever, humans already have a zillion things to regret about, let tattoo not be one of them. So here are a few types of tattoos you should definitely avoid-

Your “Love’s” Name

Yes, you love him/her, but will the tattoo make a difference? Besides, won’t the tattoo be a pain, pun intended, if you break up? Worst Case Scenario would be if the tattoo artist messes up with the spelling of the name.

Picture of someone/something

Getting a picture of your favorite cartoon, celeb or even brand for that matter should never even cross your mind for once. In case the tattoo artist spoils it, you might even end up roaming around with a scary version of your favorite cartoon/ celebrity as a tattoo.

What’s in Vogue, Today.

We know whatever comes in fashion doesn’t stay for a very long time. You get a tattoo done, and after a month, you will find at least ten people with the same tattoo wherever you go. Butterflies, Infinity, Skulls, Keys and Owls top the charts.

Face Tattoos

You think it will be really cool to get a tattoo of a Harry Potter scar on your forehead, or maybe get a permanent Joker smile for that matter? You need to reconsider the option, seriously. You do not really want to look like that forever!! It might even look very nice in a different way in the starting, but later, you might want to get rid of it, which will be impossible.

Love quote

Yes you are romantic, and you have a thing for Love Quotes, but getting one as a tattoo will be too mainstream, and the chances of you getting bored of it is more than anything else in the world.

Full Back Tattoo

It is definitely going to be very painful, besides, why would you spend a fortune on something you can never see? It’s like buying a car and using the public transport.

Language You Cannot Understand

Having a tattoo in Chinese or Urdu might even be an out of the league thing to do, and people might even consider you really ‘smart’ and assume you might even know the language. But the conversation that would follow might even make you sound dumb instead. Besides, what if the spelling of the tattoo is wrong? You would never even come to know.


Yes we can see you, you do not need to get a tattoo of your own face. This is like next level of self obsession, which will be super painful to get as well.


However, if you have already got any one of them done, do not worry, at L A Skin & Aesthetic Clinic, we can get the tattoo removed in few painless sittings.

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