Laser hair removal

Why to opt for laser hair removal?

Who doesn’t love to flaunt flawless, hairless body and skin? But in order to get that, one needs to make a stop at a salon every other week. This can be very time consuming; and these conventional methods are painful and tedious as well. Waxing, shaving or epilating can give you the desired result but only for a few days. The regrowth of hair after this is still thick and dense.

Thanks to the developments in science and dermatology one can permanently solve the problem of unwantedhair growth on any area. With the latest laser technology, one can get a permanent solution to the thick and stubborn body/facial hair. Best laser hair removal methods can give you the desired result of almost hairless skin in just a few sittings.

How does laser treatment work?

A laser machine emits a beam which passes through the skin to the hair follicle. The laser beam focuses on melanin and then passes energy down to the follicle of the hair. The hair absorbs this energy, which is transformed into heat. The heat of the laser energy damages follicle of the hair, taking away the ability of follicle to regrow new hair. Laser beam selectively targets dark hair without damaging the skin. Furthermore it treats several hair follicles in one go, making the process very quick.

Areas best suited for laser treatment for hair removal:

Laser hair removal can be done almost anywhere on the body. It can be safely used to reduce excessive and unwanted facial hair as well as hair on other areas of the body like arms, underarms, legs, bikini area, chest, abdomen, back etc.  The best dermatologist will always provide you with customized suggestions and plans for your needs.

Why is laser hair removal treatment best option?

  1. Laser hair removal treatment prevents the need of repeated time consuming procedures like shaving, bleaching, waxing, threading, plucking and use of depilatory creams. Thus it is not only convenient but also prevents ingrown hairs, bumps, infection, allergies and pigmentation.
  2. Laser hair removalcauses only minimal discomfort to the patient as compared to waxing. Best dermatologists ensure that your experience of hair removal is comfortable.
  3. After 6-8 sessions, most people have a good long term hair reduction. Laser gradually thins the hair and reduces hair density.

L A Skin and Aesthetic Clinic is among the best dermatology clinic in south Delhi where you can get rid of your unwanted facial and body hair without any side effects. They have the latest Vikini diode laser and HeliosIII laser machine to give you the best laser hair removal experience. L A Skin and Aesthetic Clinic is the first to introduce the HeliosIII laser in north India.

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